Organising a Funeral Service? As a Funeral Celebrant, how can I help?
Funeral services led by Celebrants are becoming more popular. Take a look at my video to see what I can offer you as a Funeral Celebrant.
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Organising a Celebrant led funeral service – As a Celebrant, How Can I Help?

Professional Funeral Celebrant

Organising a Celebrant led funeral service – As a Celebrant, How Can I Help?

Organising a  funeral service but don’t know where to start? Need a professionally trained funeral celebrant but don’t know who to call? You want it to be perfect but don’t know what to include? You want it to be personal and dignified whilst reflecting the life of your loved one but don’t know what to write?.

As a professionally trained Funeral Celebrant, I can help! Whether it’s with choices of music that were loved by the deceased. Providing ideas for poems or readings that have some meaning. Writing the ‘eulogy’ for you or simply helping you to write your own words. I’ll hold your hand throughout, resulting in a truly memorable funeral service.

When arranging a funeral, there is so much to consider.  My aim is to take the worry away from you.  To make things easier for you at such a difficult time so I can provide ideas on where music could be placed in the ceremony for great effect.  I can provide access to poetry for either myself or a family member to read.  I can even write a poem if the deceased had a particular passion about something. Together we can establish the  content and the running order of the service to your satisfaction.

Here is a short video. It tells you what I can do to help you as YOUR Celebrant when organising a Celebrant led funeral. Alternatively, you can always visit me on Facebook. Feel free to make contact with me there. Here’s the link:

direct to facebook

An introduction to what I do

Posted by Blossom Ceremonies on Thursday, 14 February 2019
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