Bespoke Funeral Ceremonies | Celebrant in Somerset, Dorset & Devon
I offer truly bespoke funeral ceremonies including; memorials, celebrations of life ceremonies, religious & non-religious services & pet memorials.
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Funeral Ceremonies

I know this is a difficult time for you and your family, so I am here to support you every step of the way. From our first meeting through to the bespoke funeral ceremony, I will give you a professional, yet personal service that honours and respects the life of your loved one.


An image of pictures of a father and son to represent the stories of life that funeral celebrant, Derren Gallo, endeavours to tell in her funeral ceremonies.

It all begins with you telling me their story..

Let’s capture the beauty in their life and recall the stories that made them who they were including the good, the bad and the memorable.

For me to create a bespoke funeral ceremony that reflects your loved one, I will gather as much information as I can through a home visit because this will then help to make the occasion personal and special.

An image of a book of flowers, a treasured gift left behind by a loved one as discussed in bespoke funeral services by Derren Gallo of Blossom Ceremonies.

I’ll then put their life into a ceremony…

When a loved one passes away, those memories they leave behind are like parting gifts they have given to each of us to treasure.

With each ceremony that I write, I try to capture those memories, creating something beautiful, personal and meaningful.  A bespoke ceremony that honours the person who has died. I focus on those aspects of their lives that made them special and unique.

An image of a man and a woman holding each other whilst looking out to the distance, to represent the loved ones around you and how Blossom Ceremonies discusses their funeral ceremony wishes.

We will discuss your options for the funeral..

I create ceremonies that consider all of yours and the deceased personal beliefs, creating either a completely secular service or one that contains some religion or spiritual leaning.

We can hold your funeral ceremony anywhere. At your chosen crematorium or cemetery or even a favourite or special place like a garden, a hotel, a beach, woodlands, golf courses, football clubs (with permission). The choice is yours. If we hold your ceremony in a more unusual location, we may then go to the crematorium or place of burial to complete the service.

An image of a floral cup on a funeral ceremonies book, featured on the Blossom Ceremonies website to represent how Derren Gallo will guide you through your loved ones funeral ceremony.

I will be your support, your confidant and your officiant

Far from sombre affairs, the funeral ceremonies that I like to create,  are more of a ‘celebration of life’ rather than a ‘mourning of the death’.


It is becoming increasingly more  popular for people to opt for Direct Cremation.  This is where the deceased is taken directly to a Crematorium for Cremation. There is no funeral service at the time and no congregation present.

Direct Cremation may be a choice for many reasons. It is a more affordable option. For those who particularly requested no funeral service it is also an alternative option because it is fuss-free and simple.

Should you opt for a Direct Cremation you may wish consider a Memorial Service.  This can take place either on the same day as the Direct Cremation or on another day to suit.  A Memorial Service can be a real celebration of the life of the deceased.  It can take place at a location that has meaning like a beach, or woodland area or hillside.  Some people may prefer a local pub, a hotel or even a back garden . The choice is yours and limited only by your own imagination.


Blossom Ceremonies also offer Pet Ceremonies for when your precious and much loved companion has passed away.

Being a big animal lover myself, I know the heartbreak when you lose a pet.  The devastation can be immense and the loss felt very deeply and so if you wish to hold a special ceremony to say your goodbyes either at home or at a designated pet cemetery then please do get in touch

Saying goodbye in the gentlest way is the first step on the road to healing.

For more details please contact me.

Telephone: 01460 391020

Mobile: 07835 656970


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Please get in touch to discuss your loved one’s celebration of life.